06 Jan 2021

Natrolite geode India

natrolite india
Natrolite India geode Natural Formula:Na2Al2Si3O10 · 2H2O Colour:White, Colorless, Red, Yellow, Brown, Green, bluish Lustre:Vitreous, Pearly Hardness:5 - 5½ Specific Gravity:2.2 - 2.26 Crystal System:Orthorhombic Member of:Natrolite Subgroup > Zeolite Group Name:Named in 1803 by Martin H. Klaproth from the Greek natron, "soda," in allusion to its sodium content and lithos, "stone." Not to be confused with natrolite (of William Hyde Wollaston) in 1812 for a soda-bearing scapolite. Dimorph of:Gonnardite Zeolite Group, Natrolite subgroup.Zeolite Group, Natrolite subgroup.
natroliet geode
Side view of the natrolite geode
natrolite geode
4x3x4.5 cm A great piece of art from nature This Natrolite is perfect in his shape Hard to find A real collectors item Price 299 euro Order-info