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week 25, 2019

Dendriet opaal

  • Steeds zeldzamer wordende ruwe dendriet opaal 3 stukjes in verschillende maten
  • Hard to find Dendrite opal dendrite agate Prijzen 20,30,40 euro zie foto´s en prijzen

Dendriet opaal

dendriet opaal
4x3-4x1.2 cm A variety of Chalcedony Chalcedony containing dendritic inclusions. 30 euro Order-info

Dendrite agate

dendrite agate
3x4x1.5 cm Dendritic Agate is a colourless or white-grey, translucent Chalcedony with tree- or fern-like inclusions - dendrites (from Greek - tree-like). The dendrites are iron or manganese inclusions of brown or black colour 40 euro Order-info

Dendrite opal

dendrite opal
5x4x0.8 cm Formula: SiO2 Elements listed: O, Si 50 euro Order-info

Synthetic ruby Thailand

synthetic ruby
Top quality synthetic ruby A new synthetic ruby grown by a process involving high-temperature flux with spontaneous nucleation has been devel- oped. This new synthetic ruby is currently commercially available under the trade name Ramaura. The Ramaura synthetic exhibits some internal characteristics that are distinctly different from those ob- served previously in commercially avail- able synthetic rubies. Some of the Ra- maura synthetic rubies are readily identifiable, while others could present a serious cause for concern in the world's ruby markets and call for extreme care on the part of gemologists in the examination of rubies. In this article, the author exam- ines in detail the gemological properties of the Ramaura synthetic ruby and dis- cusses means of identifying this new syn- thetic Mail for info Order-info